By John Dorschner

TEN days after the formal ceremony celebrating the road — and more than four months after the Harriet Tubman Highway became a legal entity on state roads in Miami-Dade — the name of the great anti-slavery activist remains shrouded in black plastic on West Dixie.


By John Dorschner

NOTE: See end of story for Miami Herald correction.

A week after a Harriet Tubman Highway sign was unveiled on South Dixie, the media continues to bungle and blur what happened.

That includes TV and print. A Herald editorial rightly congratulated those who pushed to get…

By John Dorschner

More than FIVE days after Harriet Tubman Highway was formally dedicated, black plastic still covers the sign on West Dixie at NE 119th Street.

The dedication was Saturday at 11 a.m. by the Vizcaya Metrorail Station on South Dixie in toney Coconut Grove. About a dozen…

By John Dorschner

Finally, four months after it became official, political leaders on Saturday did the formal unveiling of the Harriet Tubman Highway sign on South Dixie.

Several speakers talked about the “name change,” but in fact Dixie Highway still stretches for several dozen miles in north and south Miami-Dade…

By John Dorschner

Twenty years after 9/11, we have to ask: What the hell did America gain by its global wars on terror?

About 900,000 died in the global battles — mostly in Afghanistan and Iraq. That includes more than 350,000 civilians, according to Brown University’s Cost of War studies.

Why Afghanistan Reminds Me of Cuba

By John Dorschner

Of course, being a Miamian, I’m thinking of Cuba as I watch the Taliban take over Afghanistan.

The United States spent at least $82 billion in training the Afghan government army and giving it the best possible weapons. As the Washington…

John Dorschner

A Miami journalist for a half-century dedicated to peace, equality and environmental protection. Author of Verdict on Trial, available on Amazon.

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